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The success of your business is our only objective.

We are a unique marketing consulting practice that focuses solely on helping organizations go to the next level. The next level could be anything: revenue, profit, customers, or even brand or product development.

Our approach is based on a cutting-edge combination of strategic and innovative marketing methodologies, advanced statistics and econometric methods. Simply put, the nexus of math and strategy. At the core, Statistical Vision transforms and empowers businesses. These days, data is so abundant your brand could drown in it. Used the correct way, data can be transformative. It can give you insights and help you see ahead clearly. It is also the most reliable method to predict the behavior of your industry and customers. Our experienced team of marketers, strategists, economists, statisticians and researchers enable you to gain actionable insights from data. You can then leverage these insights to make better business decisions with confidence.

“I have come to rely on Statistical Vision’s reporting as a solid and reliable foundation for decision making. Their ability to frame the numbers has changed the scope in which I view my product offerings and the entire industry.”

– Zack


Step 1


We take a detailed audit of your business through fresh eyes to discover all the things you don’t know that you don’t know.

Step 2


We search your existing data inside and out, as well as public data sources and industry specific statistics.

Step 3


We conduct primary research specific to your needs to identify areas for improvements and growth opportunities.

Step 4


We conduct small-scale experiments, then we apply the best methodologies on a large-scale basis.

Step 5


We execute a detailed plan of action and offer recommendations of how to grow and scale your business.

Step 6


We bring in new resources or work with your existing resources and serve as your data and analytics team.


We provide a new way of looking at data

  • Personalized Research
  • Market Segmentation and Clustering
  • Forecasting Demand Estimation and Price Optimization
  • Operational Process Improvement
  • Staffing and Resource Optimization
  • Product Development
  • Causal Modeling and Inference
  • Brand Positioning
  • Sales Targeting and Account-based Marketing
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Multichannel Advertising and Direct Marketing
  • Creative Management


Meet the Statistical Vision Core Team

Dirk has performed successfully in almost every aspect of the marketing process, with particular expertise in branding. He began his career more than twenty years ago working in brand management leadership for full-service, creatively-driven advertising agencies such as The Richards Group and GSD&M. His client roster included such global brands as American Medical ID, Continental Airlines, ClubCorp Resorts, TGI Friday’s, 7-Eleven, Doubletree Hotels, Jiffy Lube, Neiman Marcus, OneCall Alert, Pebble Beach Resorts, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts and USAA Federal Savings Bank.

He then converted that high level expertise into the founding of a successful marketing consulting firm focused solely on middle market and early-stage companies. He led marketing in a variety of industries, including healthcare, fashion, financial services, retail, commercial real estate, research, travel and technology.

A serial entrepreneur, Dirk has founded and co-founded a variety of organizations including investor-funded organizations from both public and private institutional and angel investment sources.

He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Science in Communications and Advertising. He is a frequent speaker and mentor for a variety of university level marketing and advertising curricula, as well as for the American Marketing Association. He has also serves or has served on a variety of boards for non-profits.

Michael is a professional economist and coder that specializes in applying quantitative and economic analysis to practical business problems. His techniques are rooted in advanced statistics and econometric methods. Michael is a generalist within the field of econometrics and statistics. As such, his skillset includes micro-economic forecasting, multivariate time-series analysis, principle component analysis, clustering analysis, structural equation modeling, demand estimation and market evaluation. The outputs of his work range from presentations, to reports, to automated reports, to internet-based dashboards (where he leverages his development capabilities). His clients and employers (in an economic capacity) include Vodafone, Syniverse, John Kay LTD, Los Alamos National Labs and ACNielsen.

Prior to working as a professional economist, Michael taught (5 years) and studied (7 years) economics at the University of Oxford. He has an MPhil from Oxford University and a B.A. from the University of Texas. He was the president of graduates at St Edmund Hall and a member of three Senior Common Rooms. Having taught undergraduates for many years, he is well-versed in both the application and communication of econometric results and methods.

Throughout his life, Riley has always been interested in causal relationships and what makes things tick. Riley believes that with enough insight, there is always a way to improve systems that are already in place. There is nothing more satisfying to him than implementing new methodologies and seeing the positive affect they have on the recipient. Previously, Riley worked in the Energy and Entertainment Industries. With Statistical Vision, his main areas of focus are project management, research & analysis, and creative work. His skill set lies heavily in the marketing department, and he loves to use economic problem solving skills to make marketing methodologies come to life.

Hari is an aspiring data scientist. She has her master’s degree in Data Analytics and making data speak is what really keeps her amazed and moving. Coming from a science background, she strongly believes in evidence-based solutions and strategies. Her experience extends over a variety of industries: Telecommunication, Energy, Planning and Medicine. Here at Statistical Vision, Hari employs various cutting-edge data modelling and analytical techniques to decode hidden patterns in the data offering crucial decision-making solutions to our clients. At free time, she likes to stay fit, do creative work, camping and cycling. She is always open to discuss any data intriguing questions, feel free to find her here at Statistical Vision.



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“Last month, we grew our revenue by 55% when compared to last year. And the next month, normally our worst month, grew by 62% over the year prior. Your efforts have contributed to helping us grow more efficiently, reduce our spend on bad advertising, and to begin taking control of our own destiny.”

– Chad